New pickup location, new blends

New pickup location, new blends

A couple of Winter updates for you!

First: If you are Newcastle-based, you can now choose to pick up your online orders from our good friends at Pino's, 98 Maitland Rd, Islington. (LATE 2023 UPDATE: Pino's has closed :(. Vego's is our new Islington pickup location). Just select the appropriate option at checkout. This will save you from shipping fees! We drop off orders at Pino's on our weekly cafe delivery run, usually on Wednesdays. Feel free to say hi if you catch us there.

(Pino's are also using our beans for all their in-house coffee needs, in case you didn't know)

If you're near Suspension HQ in Marrickville, you can still opt to pick up your order direct from us at 29 Carrington Rd.

Second: After much spirited discussion, we have finally settled on new names and artwork for our blends. This process has also resulted in the refinement and improvement of one of our blend formulas. We think there's a pretty compelling range of coffee styles here.

This is what our new blend line-up looks like:

A-Team. No change to this beloved all-timer. Beautifully
balanced flavour combining peppery cinnamon with nutmeg, and a soft, sweet aftertaste.

Howard Moon is our updated version of Bee's Knees. In Mishka's words, "The Howard Moon blend has been balanced and fortified, filling the flavour hole in the middle to make it smoother and stronger." Bold, smoky, rich.

The Flaneur, formerly known as Lil' Ripper. Clean, mild, balanced.

Murrook, formerly known as Easy Tiger. Big, buttery, strong.

Andy's. No changes here either. Rich, complex, smooth.

You'll start to see the new names and packaging roll out over the next month or so.

On the way: Abe's Blend. A bespoke blend formulated by Abe especially for his new cafe. Available from us very soon! If you can't wait though, visit Abe's Coffee Supply in person at 128 Marion St, Leichhardt.

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