Staff Picks, June 2023

Staff Picks, June 2023

Indigo says "My pick is "From," streaming on STAN. All horror/mystery lovers will like this show! Oh, and coffee related — Plantation A is officially my favourite coffee, it goes hard as a cold brew/batch brew. Perfectly balanced, mid-strength, buttery flavour and texture. The perfect "all-rounder" in my eyes."

Rachel says "Yeh yum, I'm loving Colombian. I'm going to say a good horror story makes for good snugs, I watched a Spanish thriller, I can't cope I watch the beginning, then the end then I go back and watch it all!"

Lach says "Last weekend I met up with Rachel and Mishka at the Other Worlds Zine Fair at Marrickville town hall. It was bustling, a little overwhelming, but mostly invigorating. Loads of beautiful work, and such a sweet crowd. So my pick is the act of self-publishing, making and sharing things, finding your people. For inspiration: a few favourite stalls at the fair were Milton Mushrooms, the venerable Sticky Institute, Silent Army, and Glom Press."

Mishka says "My staff pick of the week... is... riding my bicycle really fast (I lost my car keys and made the most of it)."

Abe says "My personal pick is Super Mario bros and Mario Kart Wii! The only video game I can play with Carolina! On a coffee note, Kongi! Such a strong flavour, and the crema it creates is mesmerising."

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